Expert opinion: control of segregated ballast in ships

The main achievement of the changes made by the Order of the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine from 03.18.2015 № 82 – in the Ukrainian legislation first introduced the definition of segregated ballast that is consistent with international law, in particular MARPOL 73/78.

In fact, the segregated ballast – is clean sea water, which is stored in insulated tanks of the vessel (tank) for controlling the draft of the vessel. Segregated ballast tanks is completely separated from the cargo and fuel systems in order to prevent pollution of water directly inside the tank and the environment in which the ballast falls as a result of cargo operations.

Now discharge segregated ballast replacement is in accordance with international rules implemented outside the 12-mile zone should be carried out without any restrictions, except to identify the specific facts of water pollution.

In addition, these changes, segregated ballast removed from the list of substances on board, rapid analysis which can perform a public service of environmental control, to the inspectors, which were previously directed numerous accusations of corruption and blackmail sudovledeltsev in ports.

It is imperative that Shiping, on behalf of shipowners carrying out regular visits to Ukrainian ports and agency companies in the ports, supported the steps of the Ukrainian authorities towards business.

Corruption is not only there where there is no charge, but where do not give bribes.

Artem Skorobogatov

Associated partner

Interlegal, International Law Offices